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Braun Paxette II 35mm camera. Photograph gallery.

A nice period scene of a Fordson tractor. The Paxette performed rather better than I thought it would, but did seem to render the colours in a slightly period manner. Under the circumstances, this is fine by me and in fact adds considerably to the appeal of this image, taken October 2006

A nice period scene of a Fordson tractor

pulled back and forth accross the       field by a traction engine at each end

Continuing the ploughing theme is this earlier contraption, which was pulled back and forth accross the field by a traction engine at each end. The system remained in use until the end of the 1940s when the familiar tractor prevailed. Really pushing our luck here, with dust flying into the air and taken directly into sun without a lens shade, but I rather approve if the outcome.

The Paxette was able to render colours about right when down sun, this image was taken at 1/25th to get the movement. The shutter helps here, as the release is exceptionally smooth and light. All told the Paxette has much to recommend it and will produce pleasing images in challenging conditions. It does have a couple of downsides, the aperture setting is a tad fiddly without any detents so you need to visually confirm the aperture. The film counter won't reset itself - so remember to do this after loading. Finally, and this may be a quirk of this example, the transport clutch will allow slip at the end of the film, so you can happilly keep winding past the end of the film thinking you are creating photographic masterpieces......

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