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Braun Paxette II 35mm camera, c1954

The Braun Paxette II comes from a well built family of German cameras started around 1951, all share a common casting as their starting point. Paxette Is have fixed lenses, series II have 39mm screw thread lenses and the less common series III have bayonet mount lenses. Robustly made, the Paxette is a fairly heavy camera for it's size, but exudes solidity. The main body within is a die cast unit with a pressed brass top housing. The top housing style developed during the life of the design and from the mid 1950s the top was raised as in the picture. The family tended to use many common parts as possible and this philosophy appears to have been carried over into the top housing, so that only the name "Paxette" is stamped. Two windows are fitted and a casual glance might lead you to suspect a rangefinder, indeed some family members do feature this, but in the basic models it is replaced by an extinction meter, as in the collection's example. In earlier versions the film advance was just via a knob, later ones boasted lever advance, but in reality this was just a lever cast into the normal advance knob, with the result that the lever needs to be swept twice to cock the shutter. The cameras have removable pressed steel backs and hinged pressure plates. This example was donated to the collection in March 2006, requiring a deep clean and limited repairs. There is no body shutter release, but the Pronto shutter on this example is silky smooth and light and the side release presents no problems.

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Braun Paxette II 35mm camera, c1954
Body No.254224
Shutter, Pronto, speeds B, 25, 50, 100 & 200th
Lens, Roeschlein, Pointikar 45mm f/2.8 serial 539876
Condition, 5F
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