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Minolta, Vectis 40 APS compact camera

Japanese made compact camera for up to 40 exposures on APS film. The camera is Autofocus and auto exposure, additionally it has a facility for remote shutter release and sports a useful 30-120mm built in zoom lens. The Vectis 40 also supports film removal when partially through the film - to be reinserted later whereupon the camera winds the film to the correct point automatically. This example was donated in non working order by Mr. N. Bolton in August 2004 and was repaired using a donor camera sourced from ebay. Although very modern by our standards, it may well represent the last major film development, as APS compact camera development has ceased now, and quite rightly so. Too much technology, nowhere near enough emulsion.

Body No. 54708741
Shutter, Automatic
Lens, Minolta Aspherical 30-120mm f/3.5
Condition, 4F

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 Minolta, Vectis 40 APS compact camera

Throughout the history of photography there has been a drive to simplify the process for the mass market, often driven by Kodak, the Advanced Photo System (APS) was one such development introduced in 1996*. The film is smaller than 35mm, occupying roughly 56% the area of 35mm negatives. The system is designed in conjunction with the camera and processing equipment - this did produce a cost penalty for the end user. The film has a clear magnetic coating onto which data is recorded, this enables the camera to write details of date, time, flash use and film format - all of which can be used by the processing lab. Some cameras also support a facility whereby a partially used film can be removed and put back in at a later date. Both the film and the processing are more expensive than the more common 35mm format (+28% at my last look). The cameras were correspondingly expensive into the bargain. So as 2004 draws to a close it appears APS is fading away barely eight years after its introduction.

*Some sources state 1994

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