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Minolta, Vectis 40 APS camera. Photograph gallery.

Poor quality of APS format

The evidence for the justified demise of APS is demonstrated with these two shots, the only to have any merit at all from a whole roll. It would be possible to forgive these shortcomings if the camera was, say, a disposable. The Vectis 40 was far from cheap when first launched, but here it could only produce a roll of poorly exposed badly focussed and grainy images. The grain is partly a result of the smallish negative, but mostly due to poor exposure. Our fixed focus half frame Ricoh half produces better results than this.

This was taken with the lens at the full zoom.

Poor quality of APS format

For a camera that was intended to make picture taking as easy as possible it still needed a manual to operate and had all sorts of buttons to play with. Frankly you'd be better off buying any one of a hundred 35mm camera's from the 50s, setting the exposure yourself and getting on with it. Given the expense of the camera and the processing, it's difficult to be enthusiastic about such mediocrity.

The final damning indignity I will heap on this camera is that is it outperformed by the Halina Paulette! Click here if you don't believe it!

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