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Leitz, Leica IIIA. Results gallery
Sunflowers Sunflowers partially backlit against a clear Ukrainian summer sky in August 2019. Now in truth I only have one genuine Leitz lens for the Leicas, and that tends to live on the Leica II. For display purposes the Leica III normally has a dust cover, but for this trip it was taken with a Jupiter borrowed from a Zorki 4K. The combination works well enough, and as the Jupiter is coated, I used a roll of rather old Fuji E6 process reversal film. Sadly the processing lab' managed to cover the majority of the film in some nasty black specks, so much of what might have been presentable was not. Anyway, this was the very first picture from the roll. The rangefinder is spot on and the camera was light and easy to use.
Ukrainian Windmill Old Cart

One of a number of preserved post windmills at National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, in the South Western edge of Kyiv. Many are fairly young, dating from as recently as 1948.

The cart is from the same location.

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle in the historic city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.

Having arrived late the previous day there was no light falling on the caste, so I had to snatch a quick visit early the next day to see it illuminated. A little more modelling in the castle walls would have been nice, but I couldn't wait as we had to leave. As far as I could tell, the top of the street lamp should have been included in the frame. Whether or not this is a slightly optimistic viewfinder or the Jupiter lens, remains to be seen.

The Lighthouse at Odessa, Ukraine

The Lighthouse at Odessa, Ukraine. Also August 2019.

A simple enough image marred by the poor processing which deposited a sticky cloud of specks all over the film, visible as the blotchiness to the left of the lighthouse.

Mariyinsky Palace

Mariyinsky Palace, Kyiv, Ukraine. August 2019.

The East Kirkby Lancaster

The East Kirkby Lancaster "Just Jane" in September 2019, during one of the frequent taxi runs the aeroplane does annually. I also exposed a plate in the Thornton Pickard reflex about the same time, and that image is significantly more evocative in black and white. Also helped as I elected to retouch the image to remove all the objectionable modern elements.

"Just Jane" isn't airworthy, but her owners are gradually overhauling each component to airworthy condition so that one day she might be.

BR Dog sign

This delightful poster dates from the 1960s and just caught my eye, I thought it might be a useful target to test the accuracy of the rangefinder, and it was the last frame on the roll.


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