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Kodak Retinette 1B. Photograph gallery.

New Forest Pony

New Forest Pony

This Retina 1B has been the object of a love/hate relationship ever since it arrived. It has been spectacularly unreliable, and despite all our efforts and every trick we know, only works for half a film at best before jamming. It's a real shame as it in perfect cosmetic condition. At the beginning of 2006 it was stripped yet again in the naive belief the problem had finally been found, alas no. It jammed after 7 frames. So the Retina 1B will serve out the rest of it's existence as a paperweight, but here are two pictures from it's last ever film. Thus at right we have one of the Shetland Ponies that can be seen wandering around the New Forest in Hampshire. This has already been cropped down slightly and represents about 75% of the negative. With no rangefinder the distance is guessed in my customary fashion - I imagine how many times I could fall over before my head would hit the target, try it sometime - it works a treat for me. It was a dull winter day and f/5.6 was the best I was going to get at 125th, so the depth of field was not going to be great. A close up of the same shot reveals individual hairs resolved well enough, so assuming you have a 1B that is still working there's no reason not to give it an outing.

St. Catherines Hill

The same scene was photographed by the collection's Finetta 88, same aperture and shutter speed, you can judge which one performed better for yourself!

Incidently another Retinette 1B was donated to the collection recently, in equally pretty condition, with exactly the same problem.

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