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Ilford, Advocate II. Photograph gallery.

Bangkok floating market

The Advocate was used to test the Ilford Pre-paid photo service in December 2006 - see results

The Advocate had its first outing in the museums' ownership in January 2001, during a trip to Thailand. All the following images were taken during this frenetic trip. Little account is taken for the age of various cameras...and inevitably accidents happen from time to time. The Advocate had a severe soaking during the course of this trip! However, it seems to have dried out with no ill effects, as most of these pictures were taken after that event. It's a risk that has to be accepted when all the various exhibits are expected to be used.

The picture, right, was taken at a Bangkok floating market, on the day of the soaking! This camera is best either for landscapes or this sort of scene.

The shutter release works in the horizontal plane, which makes it a tad awkward to hold steady at the point of release. The shutter also has a very definite "break off" at this point which further aggravates the problem.

Bangkok floating market Royal Summer Palace at         Bang Pa-in

All manner of merchandise can be bought in these floating markets. Although a large amount of traditional trade still goes on, there is an inevitable shift towards the tourist sector.

Thailand is nominally a Monarchy and the people are quite respectful of the incumbent Monarch. This is the Royal Summer Palace at Bang Pa-in

Royal Summer Palace at         Bang Pa-in Golden Palace, Bankok

Another image from the Royal Palace at Ba Pa-in, Thailand

A small part of the beautiful Golden Palace, Bangkok

ruins at Ayutthaya ruins at Ayutthaya ruins at Ayutthaya

An hours coach ride from Bangkok will deliver you to the ruins at Ayutthaya, the old capital. A century ago these were still covered by the jungle. It seems a pity to have cleared them on the one hand, yet it does reveal the true extent of the complex. You can only try and imagine what this place must have looked like when it was new. The Advocate is, in fact, a very useful and usable camera - it can easily be tucked away in a bag and provides a comfortably wide angle view

If the Advocate lets itself down at all, it's in the resolution of the lens. Despite being stopped to f/11, the clarity is a bit disappointing, which is surprising in view of the relatively short focal length

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