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Ilford, Advocate II, 35mm wide angle camera, c1953

This Ilford Advocate camera is English made and interesting in a number of respects. The most striking is the finish of ivory enamel on a cast aluminium body. The second is the use of a 35mm focal length lens, which equates to wide angle. Essentially this is a simple camera, the shutter is a self energising rotary blade type not dissimilar to the thousands found in box cameras - although it is somewhat more refined. A little care is required in use, as the lever sweeps sideways, and can lead to camera shake. It's simplicity is part of its charm, there is very little to go wrong with it. Acquired December 2000. Ilford themselves were, and still are, well known for their films and photographic papers. The majority of cameras under the Ilford name were essentially variants of other maker's cameras, a significant number of which came from Dacora. The Advocate is a genuine Ilford production. Probably the only more refined camera made by them was the Ilford Witness, we can but dream of having one of those in the collection. Below is the film advert inside this camera.

Ilford film label

Ilford Advocate Camera
Body No.1919-6164
Shutter, Rotary blade type, speeds B, 25, 50, 100, 150 & 200th
Lens, Dallmeyer 35mm f/3.5 No.432346
Condition, 5F
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