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Exakta Varex IIb sectioned, showing the internal mechanism
sectioned view of Ecakta Varex IIb

This Varex IIb was bought for the collection in September 2014, for £20. Neither the shutter or timing mechanism showed any sign of working, hence the lower price. Also it came with the Meyer Optik Domiplan, not my favourite lens. Here you can see the beautifully thought out construction, photographed during the "deep clean" all cameras receive when they join the collection. The entire mechanism lifts out in one piece, and can be cleaned, repaired, adjusted and tested without the need to remount it, making this camera a delight to work on.

here you can see how the electrical connections for the flash sockets simply line up and are made as the mechanism is lowered in.

On the left, just under the large knob is the mechanism that stops and releases the mirror (and hence shutter), the knob sets the delay, whilst beneath it, "one deck down" is the clockwork mechanism that powers it. The mirror actually trips the shutter after it's released and reaches the end of its travel.

On the right, are the film advance, shutter tensioning and gap setting mechanisms.

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