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Ihagee, Exakta Varex IIb, 35mm SLR camera. Photograph gallery.

Inside the SkyPark, Singapore

The Exakta was sent to Singapore untested for it's first outing - a bit of a gamble, but given that the opportunity arose, why not give it a go. The old camera behaved well enough, but proved a little awkward to use with the plain viewfinder hood fitted.

This interesting image presented itself inside the SkyPark complex in Singapore in January 2015. The building is quite striking inside and out.

Below left, again in Singapore were these strange waxy plants, Heliconia Rostrata, or Hanging Lobster Claw for readily apparent reasons, native to South America but thriving happily in Singapore.

A decidedly Colonial scene of the Golf Club in Singapore. Little changed from when the Exakta was much younger.

Helconia Rostrata, hanging Lobester Claw, Plant

Colonial Country Club Singapore

Fiddleford Manor

wild flowers at Fiddleford Manor
New Year lights HCMC 2015

Above right, Fiddleford Manor, Dorset UK, parts of which date from before 1400, is a delightful small manor house with intriguing roof timbers, and well worth a visit if you are in the area. The yellow flowers were used to try out the Exakta with a supplementary lens fitted.

At right are the Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City if you prefer new year celebration lights for 2015.

Citroen Traction car, in Saigon

This handsome Citroen Traction has lived its working life in Vietnam since the French colonial days and is something of a remarkable survivor given the history it has lived through. It's more or less contemporary with the Exaxta Varex IIb, so makes an appropriate subject sat in a Saigon side street.



lonely shell

A shell on a Vietnamese beach.

As with other Exaktas, this Varex IIb is a delight to use and produces lively and clear images despite its advanced age. Used with the plain viewfinder as fitted to this example, is awkward - especially when used in portrait format. Although the Domipan lens was not the best available, it performed well enough with this roll.

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