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Ensign (Ross Ensign), Ful Vue Super, 620 roll film boc camera, c1954

The Ensign Ful Vue Super was a total and angular redesign of the earlier cameras to bear the Ful Vue moniker, by now the company was known as Ross Ensign. The Ful Vue Super version adopted and only accepts 620 roll film. Seeking to make assembly as easy and quick as possible the camera was formed by die casting the body in two halves, split vertically along the centre line - the majority of the join being hidden beneath the adhesive name plate. The rear hatch is removable and stamped, folded and rolled from steel sheet, incorporating the time honoured ruby window, with rotating blind. Assembly is in theory is just a case of loading the sub assemblies into one casting, then joining the halves. In practice it's a way more of a challenge though. A steel viewing hood was added to cover the now plastic viewfinder optics but technically the camera had no improvements over previous models. The reflex mirror adhered to previous practice being plated brass rather than glass. A simple over centre sector shutter was used as a complete sub assembly that sits within a cavity formed by the cast shells. The simplest of single element lenses was still used, being able to be focused by rotating the lens surround one half of a turn giving the full range of movement. For the finish, Ross Ensign stayed with the crackle finish black paint, printed aluminium front panel and an embossed and burnished Ross Ensign logo glued into the lens hood, again concentrating their efforts on appearance over function. Ensign failed to regain their pre war heyday and never embracing the coming 35mm tsunami silently faded away in the early 1960s.

Ensign, Ful Vue Super c1954

Shutter speeds are still T & I,
shutter and lens are little improved over the previous models.
Condition, 5F

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Ful Vue Super stripped

Ful Vue Super sectioned

The1954 Ross Ensign Ful Vue Super reduced to its sub-assemblies.

At right, the various sub assemblies are loaded into one half prior to closing up. The number P2802 BDC, is not the camera serial number. P2802 is likely the mould or pattern number, the opposing side is P2804. Whilst BDC, at a guess are the initials of a sub contracted die casting company B??? Die Casting, but I've been unable to confirm this.

Vul Vue Super shutter The shutter mechanism is a complete sub assembly that slides into the casting, remaining captive without fixings to keep it in place. A simple over centre type, the shutter spring itself is directly below the aperture in the visible capping blade, whilst the trigger return spring is the one at left. The sector shutter blade is hidden out of view below the capping blade. To the right is the flash contact and the large lever at top is the B setting interuptor. The B setting holds the shutter open until the trigger is released, B being short for "Bulb" as a reference to the archaic method of triggering shutters with a pneumatic bulb many years previously.
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