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Ensign, Ful Vue Super. Photograph gallery.

Sample Image from camera

The edge to edge definition in this shot is clearly not brilliant, this is the full area of the negative. Selective printing would help, but lets admit it - it is just a box camera dressed up a little.

Sample Image from camera

Selectively printing the middle part of the negative removes the blurred edges, focusing does seem to be a little vague. This puppy was only collected 2 days previously, and is having his first training session down at Hamble. The biggest problem I had this day was taking too many cameras - no fewer than Nine! I rapidly became lost with which ones had which speed film etc etc. Lesson learnt.

Training appears to be going quite well I'd say. Nearly found the focus on this shot. If you weren't overly fussy you could nearly say all the negatives from this cameras session were printable.

Training appears to be going quite well
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