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Coronet 4-4 markII. Photograph gallery.

I had wonderfully romantic notions, that perhaps it would take relatively good pictures, and I could eat humble pie. In view of the somewhat uncomplimentary remarks about this particular camera, I will concede that it does take pictures, the clarity of which are... shall we say - adequate.

Titchfield       Abbey

Lipizzaner Horses, at Titchfield       Abbey

Absolutely fabulous Victorian coach, drawn by a team of Imperial White Lipizzaner Horses, at Titchfield Abbey, Hampshire, England. The Coach and Horses are available for weddings, the whole package - coach, horses and, it has to be said, Coachmen, make a very impressive and attractive sight! I was so impressed I'm going to give out their phone number! 01329 832200, "Absolutely Fabulous", for that is what they are called.
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