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Coronet 4-4 markII, 127 roll film camera, 1965

English made Coronet 4-4 mark II, undoubtably the vilest camera I have ever smelt. These things have a disgusting plastic smell of their very own, an early polymer probably leaching oestrogen into the environment at a rate that would make it inadvisable to keep one in your pocket. Equaled, indeed surpassed, only by the plastic case it comes with, truly revolting - I love it! The date for this camera was established, gratefully I add, by a viewer of this website finding one that had been issued as a prize, it came in the original box along with the date. The Coronet Camera Co. operated out of Birmingham and concentrated upon the cheapest end of the market, they are probably best known for their coloured Coronet Midget range of cameras that have, inexplicably, become spectacularly collectable.

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Coronet 4-4 markII camera, 1965
Body No. The Coronet shuns such pretentious niceties.
Shutter, Simple rotary blade affair, released by nasty plastic trigger.
Lens, Very nearly transparent.
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