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Balda, Super Baldina. Photograph gallery. II

Distinctive feature of the Austin Healey Sprite. Alternatively known as the Frogeye Sprite, for abundantly clear reasons. The function of these close up pictures is to see how accurate the rangefinder is. Stopped down, the depth of field absorbs any inaccuracies easily.

Austin Healey Sprite

The very same Frogeye Sprite. This particular Super Baldina leaks light when retracting the front, hence the slightly washed out look to this picture. The aim is to show the cameras "warts and all". So this is a wart! It probably didn't do it when new, The lens barrel is made light tight by a felt light dam. Given sufficient age the felt relaxes to the point where it allows light to enter, usually during the opening or closing process.

Austin Healey Sprite

The rangefinder had the focus fixed on this Dalmatian's eyes, but clearly some adjustment is required. Back to the workshop for this one I think.

Dalmatian's eyes

The fogging is clearly visible in the left image, creeping in from top right. It only affects the frame that was in the gate when the camera was closed or opened.

At right, is my favourite exhibit at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. It is a wonderfully cluttered recreation of a thirties garage and workshop. No fogging on this frame as there were a couple of exposures either side between opening and closing.

Bridleway Sign National Motor         Museum, Beaulieu
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