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KMZ, Zorki 4K. Photograph gallery.

The New Forest in Hampshire was the location of several large airfields during WW2. They've all been ripped up now and the land returned to forestry. I dare say that a lot of people who visit the 'Forest are unaware of it's past. These images below are of the best preserved of the airfields, Holmsley South. The first, shows part of the perimeter taxiway that joined the runway thresholds. Today it is used for access to a caravan park, where you can place your 'van on a dispersal once occupied by rocket laden Hawker Typhoons. The middle picture showing the remaining 375 metres of runway 29/11. Not really included for photographic reasons, just a record. Holmsley South was built during the winter of 1941/2, it reverberated to the sound of Liberator, Wellington, Halifax, Spitfire, Typhoon, Mosquito, Mustang and Marauder aircraft amongst others during it's brief existence. The last major aeronautical event was a Battle of Britain RAF at home day in 1946. Shortly after this the process of returning it to nature started. The last image is one of the few remaining buildings at Holmsley South, decaying gracefully now its unwelcome task is completed.

Holmsley South airfield

Holmsley South airfield
Holmsley South airfield
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