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Zorki 1, 35mm rangefinder camera, image gallery.
Zorki Steam wheel

The Zorki 1 although cosmetically very tidy has stiff shutter curtains, the second curtain being notably stiffer. Not entirely surprising given it's age. The problem results in an uneven travel and gap. All the same, it managed to produce a pleasing image here, and the dark edge on the left side arguably actually helps.

Leaving aside the mechanical issues, the camera handles nicely, very similar to its Leica inspiration and although not as refined or smooth as a 1930s Leica, it's better than the Fed 1 from which it was developed.

Zorki Lancaster

Avro Lancaster at East Kirkby in Lincolnshire.

This aeroplane, NX611, is gradually being returned to airworthy condition, at present it can taxi under its own power but many of the components aren't cleared for flight, so the process to bring all systems up to scratch both mechanically, and legally is on going. Again the darker left edge betrays this camera's shutter issues.

Misty Kyiv Modern apartments spring up and encircle Kyiv in Ukraine, seen here poking through the early morning mist in October 2019. Despite shading the lens the sun still got inside to cause the flare here. Using 500th sec., reduced the darkened edge, but it's still apparent.
Kyiv Folk Ukrainian Folk singers in Kyiv, at the Litniy Teatr "Mushlya".


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