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Zeiss Ikon Ikonta B (521/16) 120 folding roll film camera, results
Antony Gormley sculpture in the crypt at Winchester Cathedral

Located in the undercroft of Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire, UK, is this characteristic sculpture by Antony Gormley. The cathedral has long been subject to flooding ever since it's construction and was famously underpinned by the diver William Walker over six years working in darkness.

When conditions are right the undercroft still floods which adds greatly to the ambiance of his thoughtful figure.

This image was taken with the Zeiss Ikonta during the particularly soggy summer of 2012.

Steam Locomotive at Dalat Railway Station Citroen Traction car at Dalat

Two images taken in Dalat, a French retreat during the Empire period in Vietnam. The steam locomotive hasn't moved under it's own steam for a long time, and rests in the now isolated Dalat railway station. Although it is possible to take a short excursion on the remaining track, pulled by a small diesel.

The Citroen car is parked out side a period French Hotel also in Dalat. Dalat owed it's popularity due to it's elevation, making it somewhat cooler than Saigon.

By the time the Ikonta was made, WW2 had ended and the French were once again holding the reins in Vietnam, a situation that was reversed in 1954, following the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu.

Balinese Temple carving detail Balinese Rice Paddy

Detail of a Balinese temple and Rice Paddies also in Bali, taken in April 2012

Colossus Computer, Bletcheley Park When this German Ikonta was made the Colossus computer built at Bletchley park was still top secret and would remain a closely guarded one for decades afterwards. It amused me to take a picture of this replica with a German camera of a similar period.  
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