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Zeiss Ikonta model A 520, 120 roll film camera, image gallery
Rotting Zastava 750 Out exploring my new temporary home of Belgrade, Serbia. For a time the Fiat 600 was license produced as the Zastava 750 nearly a million being produced from 1955 to 1985. Whilst a number will still be found motoring around, many more lay rotting quietly away in gardens, long beyond any hope of saving.
Old Railway Bridge, Belgrade The most prized item recovered from my Kyiv home was my bicycle, for it enables me to explore cities in intimate detail. I had hoped I might be able to cross the River Sava across this old railway bridge. alas it's closed. This bridge has been felled and rebuilt a number of times during various conflicts. It last saw railway traffic in 2019. It looks in need of attention now, although the primary structure looks sound enough for a cycleway, which is one of the proposed uses for it. Hopefully this comes about as Belgrade is a fairly cycling friendly city from my initial explorations.
Gornji Grad, walled city, Belgrade An archway in the old walled town and fortress protecting the entrance to the River Sava from the Danube.
Serbian Sunflowers Sunflowers to remind me of Ukraine, joyously yellow against a blue sky. The little Ikonta A behaved well enough, giving sixteen pictues per roll and being light as well as small to carry around on a bicycle. I was a tad lost at this point, the internet map I was using optimistically suggesting there was a path through the middle of this field. I doggedly followed the little grey line until it emerged at a road and no one shouted at me. Not that anyone could see me submerged in a sea of towering flowers.
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