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Zeiss Ikon, Icarette 551/2, 120 Roll film or 6.5 x 9cm Plate Camera. Photograph gallery.

German soldiers rest in Northern France after their         successes of Spring 1940

Soldiers of most nations weren't supposed to take cameras with them on duty, and the Icarette was a bit too bulky to slip away discretely. This is probably a propaganda image taken by the publicity machine . A couple of German soldiers rest in Northern France after their successes of Spring 1940.

I confess, actually it was taken with the Icarette in August 2010, 70 years after the event at Romsey in Hampshire, UK

A. V. Roe Triplane

In 1929 this Supermarine S.6 won that year's Schneider Trophy race at an average speed of 328mph. It later captured the world speed record at a shade over 357mph. For the 1931 race this aeroplane was modified to S.6A standard and used for familiarization and reserve for the new build S.6Bs, which were very similar. Securing the third win in succession in 1931 meant that Great Britain got to keep the trophy. To celebrate this event some 80 years later, this S.6A, N248 was taken from it's usual home at Southampton Hall of Aviation and taken to the original race preparation hanger at Calshot, where the Icarette photographed this superb looking aeroplane October 20th 2011.

The image was selectively tinted.

U class Steam Locomotive

A U class Steam Locomotive on the "Watercress Line" preserved steam railway. This locomotive, 31806, was originally built between 1928-1931, so fits in perfectly with our 1931 Icarette.

Rebuilt to running order in February 2011, it was photographed into sun waiting at the platform of Four Marks station on a very chilly January 15th 2012

Read more about the Watercress line here.

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