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Zeiss Ikon, Box Tengor 54 box 120 camera. Photograph gallery.

The fogging around the edge is currently a bit of a mystery. I wasn't expecting spectacular results from this camera. All the negatives were a little over exposed, as the instant shutter setting is a little too slow for bright light. The answer here is to develop for a softer negative.

Steam traction Engine

Steering gear

I'm not unhappy with this result, taken at f/11 which is the widest aperture available. It's held detail in the shadow under the 'engine and with a little messing about in the darkroom the background could be deepened slightly.

The problem here is that the neg' is just too dense to get any detail into the driver. Films would have been slower in 1935, again I ought to have underdeveloped to account for this mismatch of modern film and old shutter speeds. All the above pictures were taken at the Netley Marsh Steam Rally, July 2000

The rotating built in supplementary lens was used for this shot. It has performed "as advertised" and shifted the focus closer. Quite an agreeable result all thing's considered. All the exposures on this roll of film yielded a printable result, which I don't think is too bad for a box camera.
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