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Williamson F117A Aerial Camera. Photograph gallery.

Aerial Image Portsmouth Dockyard

Aerial picture of Portsmouth, and Royal Navy Dockyard. Taken from 1800ft, 16/8/97 from Piper Cherokee G-AYNJ. The original negative is 126mm square, the detail is magnificent!

You can clearly see several Royal Navy Minesweepers, a Class 42 Destroyer, an assault ship (HMS Fearless I think), Admiral Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar - HMS Victory and the "Warrior". Even road markings are clearly visible.

Draper Tools Ltd Head Office.

This time my place of employment for over 30 years. Draper Tools Ltd, from Early 1987 until October 2017.

The head Office building stands out well in the town of Chandler's Ford. It was also well positioned as a good marker to start the run in to Right Base leg for runway 20 at Southampton Airport, back in the days I could fly in there. This was taken by a friend using the Williamson from the right hand seat of C172 G-BHCC as we passed by back in 1998.

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