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Voigtländer Brillant, 120 roll film, reflex viewfinder camera. Photograph gallery.
Fresh vegetables from the Farm cottage garden

Fresh vegetables from the Farm cottage garden, taken in the summer of 2009. This is actually Manor Farm, in Botley, Hampshire. UK. It's maintained in a time warp, permanently stuck in the 1930s.

The Brillant only has two instant speeds of 1/25 and 1/50th sec., using the slower here without a tripod - as that's probably how it would have been used in its day.

It's a not a bad little camera, is the Voigtländer Brillant.

Smithy has left his new bike outside the foundry

Meanwhile the Smithy has left his new bike outside the foundry. The bike is a 1951 Velocette MAC. I owned this bike for a few years and would ride it around in period gear, but doing so gave me terrible tinnitus, so the bike had to go. If you look closely you can see that the image is actually covered in dust. This must have been shaken out of some recess in the camera during the ride out. It's black, which means it's was on the negative when exposed in the camera, were it white it would have been on the negative when printing.

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