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Gomz Sputnik, Stereo triple lens reflex camera for 120 roll film. Photograph gallery.

The Worker and Collective Farm Girl, designed by Vera Mukhina (1889 -1953)

On this page are displayed one half of each stereo pair, just to display the images. The true impact is only revealed when you view the images through a special viewer. At the bottom of the page are a handful of images converted to red/blue anaglyphs, for which you will need red/blue glasses.

This Sputnik was bought on the Old Arbat Street in Moscow in July 2003 and was pressed into service that day.

July 2003, the process of dismantling the monumental sculpture outside the gates of the former "Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy" in Moscow, has begun. Entitled The Worker and Collective Farm Girl, designed by Vera Mukhina (1889 -1953), it was subsequently rebuilt may years later. The 3D effect on this image is subtle, primarily because all the elements are at a distance.

Anaglyph at bottom of this page if you have red/blue 3D glasses to hand.

Tatra tram, Moscow

Old Tatra tramset clattering the Moscow streets on their notoriously uneven rails.

Anaglyph at bottom of this page if you have red/blue 3D glasses to hand.

Corfe Castle

Photographed in September 2003, is this image of Corfe Castle, in Dorset, UK. Demolished by Cromwell's forces during the English Civil War, the ruined keep remains imposing to this day. Generally for these stereo images I attempt to get foreground detail to magnify the effect.

Prague trams

Trams again, this time in the shed at Prague in 2004.

Pampas Grass, Hamble

By far the best way to use the Sputnik is with colour transparencies using a 3D viewer. Here is some wild pampas grass growing along the River Hamble in Hampshire, UK. 2007.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy 2008. The bollards in the foreground deliberately inserted to maintain the sense of depth.

View of Firenze (Florence)

View across Firenze in Italy, 2008

View of Firenze (Florence)

This Velocette MAC was first registered in Peterborough, UK in 1951. It had a short life, winding up in a shed a few years later, before the Sputnik was made in 1957. The Sputnik was likely never used until I acquired it in 2003, The Velocette waited until 2007, when it too was returned to service and was recorded by the Sputnik in 2008 outside New Alresford railway station, Hampshire, UK.

Garden of Fallen Monuments

Garden of Fallen monuments, is a very fallen Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

3D Anaglyphs. In this section the images are reproduced flat, click on the image to view the 3D version. To view the 3D anaglyphic images linked to this page you will need 3D glasses, these are available from Rainbow Symphony.

The four images on this page were taken in Moscow during July 2003. As with other stereo cameras, the effect works best if there is a good mix of fore and background elements.

Worker and Collective Farm Girl, designed by Vera Mukhina Moscow trams with the huge monument at the Museum of Cosmonautics in the distance  
hottest day recorded in the UK This picture was taken during the hottest day recorded in the UK, 38ºC on 8/8/03.
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