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Seagull, TLR, results.
Replics Roman Bronze athlete Candle lit wooden carving from Bali

I hadn't expected too much from the Seagull, especially as this example was a bit battered. But it surprised me, by returning twelve out of twelve results from a single roll of rather time expired film, a sign of a slight reluctance to trust it.

It's a bit weighty for what it is, the viewfinder is dull and the magnifier a bit nasty, but hey, it behaved itself when it counted.

At Durdle Dor, Dorset

As with most 120 format cameras, the 75mm lens gives a fairly short depth of field close in to the subject, allowing you to isolate the background in this agreeable way. Any Lomographers wishing to try one might be disappointed, as the results it produces are bit too good for that. There's not even any particular vignetting towards the edges.

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