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Rollei, B35, 35mm camera c1970

The Rollei 35 series is characterized by a series of quirks that, had they been made by almost any other manufacturer, would have forced it into obscurity long ago. However, and probably because Rollei are a respected manufacturer, these quirks are tolerated and possibly even celebrated. Amongst it's well documented failings are the spectacularly awkward upside down flash shoe and the left handed rewind lever. Having said that they are well made, even this base model Singapore built example. The camera has a telescopic lens to make the camera even more compact when not in use and amongst it's other quirks are the need to have the shutter cocked in order to close it, but this does at least mean the camera is ready for use when you open it. They were available with either chromed or black painted tops as here. This example was donated in March 2006.

We also have an example of the Rollei 35 S

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Rollei, B35, 35mm camera c1970

Body No.4716328, on inside bottom plate.
Shutter, Vero, speeds B, 30, 60, 125 & 250th
Lens, Triotar 40mm f/3.5
Condition, 5F

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