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Pin hole camera. Photograph gallery.

This picture was taken with a biscuit tin (assorted, not bourbons). With a hole of 1.5mm. Exposure was 55 seconds, on a bright day. It is somewhat over exposed. Paper used was Jessops Grade 2

Pin hole cameras do not have a depth of field, the focus remains equally bad from close up, to infinity! This one also exhibits good wide-angle properties, as the tin was about 1.3 metres from the bike

Pin hole camera image

If you attempt to use people as subjects they will have to be patient and very still, this is me exhibiting both of those admirable qualities. For those who have to know the bike is a 1992 Yamaha XJ600N. Confession time, I couldn't be bothered to contact the negative prints into positives, so I scanned them in and inverted them! Oh, come on what do you expect?


Using a much smaller hole this time, results in a pool of light and crisper image, although exposure control is harder.

Pin hole camera image
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