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Olympus Trip 35, 35mm camera, c1968

In 1968 the Olympus Trip was introduced yet was still being marketed heavily during the 80s and this example dates from 1982. It is a fairly basic little camera with some nice touches that separate it from the norm. It has been described as 'aperture priority' - a slightly grandiose term, and in fact not correct. The camera does have an aperture ring, but this is only to be used with flash. If the camera is set to wide open, i.e. f/2.8 all that will happen is that you will set the shutter to 1/40th sec. and the selenium cell will close the shutter accordingly. The camera only has two shutter speeds, 1/40th and 1/200th. In normal use the camera is set to 'A' on the aperture ring and the selenium cell decides on the aperture to use. In poor light conditions a flag raises in the viewfinder window and the shutter is locked. The nice thing is that this makes it impossible to attempt a picture with the lens cap still fitted. Focussing is adjustable using the zone focus symbols on the lens barrel.

Donated to the collection by Mr. H. C. West September 2005.

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Olympus Trip 35, 35mm camera, c1968

Body No.4942492
Lens, Zuiko, 40mm f/2.8
Condition, 6F

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