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Nikon FE, 35mm compact SLR, results gallery

Revolution Monumrnt Ala Too square

All told the Nikon FE is quite delightful to use. If there's one complaint it's that the advance lever needs to be in the standby position for the camera to be activated, and it digs into my nose, as I like to sight with my left eye.

This bronze sculpture in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, remembers the revolution of 2010, symbolically portraying the people pushing aside the darker elements of society. The image was taken with the Nikon FE in April 2014. It's had a significant amount of post processing treatment.

The following images were all taken during the Kyrgyzstan trip, either around the landlocked lake of Issyk Kul or the mountain ranges south of the capitol city, Bishkek, which are capped by snow all year long.

Below, left, at the Eastern end of Issyk Kul is the town of Karakol, where these white barked trees stand stark against the clear spring skies.

An easy drive from Bishkek is the Ala Archa National Park, below right, the mountain range is snow capped throughout the year.

White barked trees. stark against azure blue sky


Mountains South of Bishkek

Mountains South of Bishkek

Abandonned bed springs

Mosaic at Old Soviet Hot Spring

Georgian Wine Bottles

Above left, at an old neglected Soviet era hot spring bathing area, this old rotting bed makes for an interesting image, whilst at right one of the wall mosaics hangs on, its strong communistic style still looking positive amongst the grim decay around it.

At right are old Georgian Wine bottles. Although old they don't come close to the earliest, for archeological evidence suggests that wine production was happening in Georgia around 6000BC.

Below, left, are a collection of stone markers, some dating from 6th century, brought together in the surroundings of the Burana Tower, 80km East from Bishkek.

And finally home, Bishopstoke, UK

Stone marker

Misty Bishopstoke

Barnowl restin in New Forest

Left, back in the UK is this Barn owl resting on a tree stump in the New Forest, Hampshire. Now, as much as I would like to impress you all with my Barn owl stalking prowess. I feel compelled to point out that this chap is a tame bird.

Below left, it's always hard to resist sunlight backlighting leaves, so I have failed again.

Below right, detail of a hand operated dock side crane at Gosport,

Backlit fern leaves

Gear wheel, of dockside crane, Gosport
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