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Nikkormat EL (Nippon Kogaku), 35mm SLR camera, image gallery
Trying out the Nikkormat EL's delayed release function and auto exposure together, on the film found inside the camera. Since it had expired some seventeen years ago, it's fair to assume it had been sat in there for at least that time and judging from the handful of images already exposed that would seem about right. Surprising that the camera had apparently never been opened by curious hands as there was no fogging. Anyway, this is me with my ancient Draper 264 pillar drill. I elected to use the 28mm lens the camera came with, although I'd have preferred to have used something with a longer focal length, but this is how it was donated so this is how it's used.
Canoe seed I'm always drawn to quite graphic or abstract images. This piece of sculpture is half canoe to me, though is in fact inspired by a rice seed. It was part of an exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and was photographed hand held at 1 second in quite dim conditions.
Landmark Tower HCMC Currently as of 2023 this is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City, Landmark Tower. The river manages to look reasonably picturesque at night. During the day less so, as it carries the red laterite silt in suspension giving it a muddy rusty colour. It's not particularly enhanced by the large amounts of polystyrene cool boxes that endlessly stream by on their way to the Pacific pollution pool either.
Krabbi Dawn at Krabbi, Thailand.
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