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Mycro Camera Co. Mycro IIIA subminiature camera c1953

The little Mycro cameras date back to before WW2 when the first model was introduced in 1939. This IIIA version was amongst the last made and one of the more commonly found models. As a camera it's very restricted in abilities and has to be regarded more as a novelty camera than anything else. However the cute appeal earned them a substantial following and they were sold in their thousands, making a useful contribution to the Japanese postwar economy. Technically this camera was made by Sanwa, but as its marked as Mycro Camera Co., this is how it's listed here. This diminutive camera takes 14 x 14mm negatives on 17mm paper backed roll film, frame counting being via the time honoured red window in the rear hatch. If you are viewing this window over the full width of a 15" screen, the picture will be two and a quarter times bigger than the camera! Surprisingly it takes reasonable pictures, I've enlarged them up to 6".

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Mycro Camera Co. Mycro IIIA subminiature camera c1953

Body No.17631
Shutter, speeds B, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Mycro Una 20mm f/4.5
Condition, 6F

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