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One of the upper galleries in the glass house at Kew Gardens
One of the upper galleries in the glass house at Kew Gardens, London. The white balance on the Minox DCC is generally a bit suspect, but this image is straight out the camera.

Piper Super Cub
The Minox DCC doesn't cope well with high contrast views and frequently blows out the highlights. It's scanning shutter renders moving objects in a very distinctive manner, as shown by the moving propeller on this Piper Super Cub.

electricity pylons marching off into the distance

Ho Chi Minh City

Yamaha FZ750

Colours from the DCC are rather inaccurate, but personally I don't mind this. It gives an effect reminiscent of the old Autochrome process although that process predates the Leica M3 by some years it adds an added vintage feel to the images. Above left are some electricity pylons marching off into the distance near my home. Above right is a fraction of the sprawling conurbation of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, whilst at left is a rather tidy Yamaha FZ750, delightfully blurred background as I had hoped. Sadly, hope is the best you can manage as shutter speed selection is made for you, just choose low light conditions if this is what you want!! The sensor does produce visible scanning lines and 'noise' becomes evident in poor light conditions, however neither are a problem if printing the images up to moderate enlargements.

The short focal lengths of lenses generally fitted to Digital cameras tends to give the images rather more depth of field than some subjects require. With no zoom fitted to the DCC, you are stuck with what you get, unless you mercilessly doctor the image afterwards, as here. Converted to black and white and with the background blurred in an image editor, I'm happy to allow this self portrait into the wild, taken using the delayed release function.

All these images were taken on our first DCC M3 serial 82017687, sadly the camera's LCD packed up within the warrantee period and the camera had to be replaced by Minox, the process took some five months albeit without any quibbles from Minox.



At left, a rainbow scythes across the Solent Sky on the back edge of a passing rain shower in November 2006, this image taken with the replacement DCC.



The river Mekong winding through southern Vietnam. Often referred to as the Red River owing to it's decidedly murky colour, this is due to the red laterite mud the river crosses on its travels across South East Asia on the way to the famed Mekong Delta.


Here the DCC betrays it's short focal length as this Embraer 170 passes just feet above my head short of the touchdown point. One of my favourite locations for watching aeroplanes since a kid, still a big kid to be honest.


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