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Minolta, Repo, 35mm half frame camera, image gallery
Netley abbey A rather time expired Boots 400ASA film was put through the Repo as expectations were low. Although the film had been in the fridge, so wasn't expected to be too bad. Being half frame, the camera needs to be tilted sideways for landscape format images, angling up to get the ruins of Netley Abbey in frame has resulted in a marked convergence of the verticals. For this film most of the images were exposed using the match meter, just to see how it performed. Not bad is the verdict. Being half frame there is a limit to how closely you want to look, as the clarity is a little lacking. There was a persistent light leak unfortunately that ruined every other frame.
Portland Stone Globe One of a number of images made of the giant Portland Stone Globe at Duriston Castle in Dorset in May 2022. Originally made at Greenwich in 1887 it makes interesting viewing spotting the names of places long changed in the century following its creation. Focus for this was set using a period rangefinder in the accessory shoe.
Bignor mosaic Detail of mosaic floor at Bignor Roman Villa in West Sussex. Just to see how much detail it would record under dullish light. Fortunately the floor had just been cleaned so was fairly bright. I'm not sure the Repo will be this bright after 1800 years...
Nunney Castle Nunney Castle. One of the prettiest and cutest castles in the UK and sadly another ruined during the English Civil War, it got Cromwelled.
raphi wheel

I decided to overboard with the post processing on this one. I set out to get a graphic result when I took it, so used that as an excuse to take it further. It's actually a detail of part of a driving wheel from the Pacific Class steam locomotive, Weybridge. Now laid up and peeling paint in the sidings at Ropley.

It looks like the Minolta Repo was a perfectly good performer in the day, compact, quick and simple to use with an accurate meter and decent lens, exactly as intended.

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