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Minolta Hi-Matic S, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1978

For the vast majority of people who take pictures and don't want to be encumbered with all the technicalities, an equally vast number of cameras have been designed. The earliest were the simple box cameras, but cameras became better and more automated as technology improved and became cheaper. Typical of this later breed of cameras is the well made, mostly plastic Minolta Hi-Matic S, incorporating features that a few years previously would have been quite exotic. A fully automatic shutter and aperture, an integral pop up flash, simple focus controls and delayed release

This camera was the first Minolta to feature an integral flash unit, the power for which was supplied by two AA sized batteries.
This camera was donated to the collection in August 2004 by Mr. E Phoeby. The camera has been a joy to use since arriving and returns a very high average of successful prints per roll.

Body No.610739
Shutter, Automatic - 8sec -1/450th
Lens Rokkor 38mm f/2.7
Condition, 4F

Minolta Hi-Matic S, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1978
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