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360° view of Kodak, Vest Pocket Kodak 1920 Camera, see below for link to main page
1920 VPK 360 degree rotating image Kodak VPK, vintage camera - all round view at 10° intervals.

The trellis strut folding mechanism is well shown here, it supports the lensboard evenly preventing the bellows from pulling it back out of square under their pull, even when the long pleats used result in quite tensioned bellows. The downside of this arrangement is that focussing is not able to be made without either a screw adjusted lens or expensive engineering to allow the trellis to move in and out in a precise manner. For this reason a large number of these VPKs are fixed focus. It's quite rare to find these with the paint intact, this one being fairly good. The autographic hatch is open, and the stylus stowed.

Start the image spinning by putting your cursor over the "Spin" side of the image, you can pause the animation in any position by touching the "Pause" side.



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