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Kodak Six-20 Model C folding roll film camera. Photograph gallery.

Two cyclists, standing with bikes

For the summer of 1983 I worked for South Coast Aero club and Wickwell Aviation. One of their business enterprises was banner towing for which they used this Grumman Ag-Cat, G-WOLL. The previously used Cessna 172s lycoming engine wasn't impressed with the additional drag imposed by the banner. My task was to make up the banners on the hanger floor and lay them out to be snatched off the ground as the Ag-Cat trailed a grappling iron behind it. This image was teken at Southampton Airport.

inside forward fuselage of a Supermarine Sea Lion flying boat

Inside the remains of the forward fuselage of a Supermarine Sea Lion flying boat. In fact rather older than the camera that took the picture, as the Sea Lion could have been built from 1919. This is in fact just a fragment of the aircraft, everything aft from this point is missing. However it nicely illustrates the construction of these lightweight aircraft structures. This exhibit, along with many others, can be seen in the Southampton Hall of Aviation.

Hotel near Bath

Hotel near Bath in 1999. Rather a lot of dust found a way into the camera. This is one disadvantage of opening large folding cameras,as a large volume of air needs to be sucked in to fill the bellows. This will draw in a certain amount of dust and disturb any already inside. Inevitably some of it will wind up on the film emulsion.
Church at Ashley, just East of King's Somborne, Hampshire Crossing ford with shiny new bicycle Southampton Common

St. Mary's Church at Ashley, just East of King's Somborne, Hampshire. August 1997.

Crossing ford with shiny new bicycle, and determined to keep it that way. July 1997.

Southampton Common.

Durdle Dor Bay

The Kodak Six-20, Model C had an outing in early December 2021, being both extremely windy and freezing cold at the time did lead to a little camera shake on a few of the images, the camera behaved well though producing six bright negatives. There isn't a yellow filter that fits the lens surround though so the sky couldn't be enhanced. This is the bay at Durdle Dor in Dorset, UK. Although windy, it was coming from the north, over the land, so the sea is not dramatic.

Durdle Dor, Dorset, UK

The Compur shutter was used at it's fastest 1/250th for this image to freeze the wave, although winter, it was highly reflective so I used f./8 for the aperture, this was about right, but the print was a little dark in the foreground and was held back to open up the shadow detail a little.

Any day in the summer you'd be hard pressed to move amongst people on this beach but the biting northerly wind this day has dissuaded all but the daftest vintage photographers from venturing out.

St. Cross, Winchester. UK.

In the evening of 10th February 2022, the sun goes down on St. Cross, Winchester, Hampshire, UK. This time I did have a yellow gel to help out, although a red might have been better. St. Cross is a fabulous site, but tricky in the summer when the trees are in leaf, which obscures the scene. The sports finder was used to compose this image, exposed at 1/25th and f/8, there being a bit of compensation for the fairly dark yellow filter employed. the reflective stone of the church is a tad overexposed but the conditions were harsh and the image accurately portrays that.
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