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Kodak Retina 117. Photograph gallery.

I spent a day on the paddle steamer "Waverley". As it seemed like good subject material for various cameras.

"Waverley" drawing into Swanage pier late in the evening of 3rd September 2000. Again a heavily cropped image.

Far right, pushing my luck somewhat here, hand held with the Compur set at 1sec, and the aperture wide open. This shows one of the three push rods thrashing around in the engine room. The crankshaft is connected directly to the paddles, the torque is quite awesome.

paddle steamer "Waverley" paddle steamer "Waverley"


This was taken at the other end of the Compur's speed range, ie, 300th sec, but again at the widest aperture of f/3.5. This is also a heavily cropped image representing approximately 15% of the negative area.

Steam locomotive main driving wheel, at the steam railway that runs between Swanage and Corfe Castle. The Retina was clearly pointing the way forwards, excellent enlargements could be made from the negatives, courtesy of the Schneider Kreuznach lens. The camera was compact and carried enough film for 36 pictures.

Steam locomotive main driving wheel

historic city of Prague

To celebrate the Retina's 70th birthday - and incidentally my (and a bunch of others) 40th birthdays, the old camera was treated to a trip to Prague in June 2004. Looking across the historic city of Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic. The River Vltava can be seen winding its way through red roofed city and the ancient Charles Bridge with its many arches. These web images really cannot do the Retina justice, it really is quite clear for the era.


historic city of Prague

Taken from Charles Bridge as the sun cast its last rays across the river frontage.

Prague is the sort of city that rewards taking to your feet, there are countless small streets to explore and myriads of discoveries awaiting you. The excellent tram system will whisk you back to wherever you came from should you get lost!

historic city of Prague

historic city of Prague

One of the principle selling points of the Retina was it's 'fast' lens, enabling photography in a wide range of lighting conditions. Here the opportunity to put this to the test was taken, using only the streetlights, it performed very nicely. Every city has its beggars, Prague is no different, but this is the first time I have seen this approach. Casual walkers drift by unconcerned as they do the world over while the towers of Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral and the walls of Prague Castle hold vigil over the scene.



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