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Kodak No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak B-4, results gallery
test for FPK

The FPK was very hurriedly loaded with a sheet of 9x12cm sheet film, that doesn't cover the full image area. The main reason was to check for light leaks. I took the camera out for a sunset shot intending to get some nice sunset clouds reflected in a swampy area in the New Forest. But the scene was uninspiring when I got there, the sky being empty of clouds, so I turned around and saw these trees behind me and elected to expend the sheet on these. After making the exposure I convinced myself that I'd probably undercooked it as the light was very orange, so re set the shutter and double exposed the shot, hoping I didn't move the camera in the process. As it turns out, I should have stuck with my original decision as the sky has burned out, not that there was much going on with it. Anyway, the camera is pretty light tight, so I can move on from here.

I'm working in the hope that light passing through the lens reasonably parallel to the axis possibly won't be too scattered by the damaged rear element. So this was exposed at 1/2 sec in total at f/11, but I'll try a wider aperture to see how it fares.

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