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360° view of Toronto made Kodak, No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior, see below for link to main page
Old Kodak 360 degree rotating image Kodak, No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior, vintage camera - all round view at 10° intervals.

These Autographic Kodaks are very common, but aren't bad looking in fairness. Sadly the bellows on these Kodaks are commonly rotted, as in this case but were replaced in 1994. In this view the camera is in landscape view, the waist level finder has been rotated sideways and the small leg extended to support the front. This leg has a small hole drilled in it to allow a thread to pass through, then tied to the shutter release - allowing the user to trip the shutter remotely, assuming the camera is firmly secured that is.

Start the image spinning by putting your cursor over the "Spin" side of the image, you can pause the animation in any position by touching the "Pause" side.



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