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Kodak, Brownie Six-20 Camera, Model D, image gallery.
Fireworks 2020 HCMC

Generally we don't put films into box cameras as the results are often disappointing, but we elected to put two films through the Brownie F as it's a good looking thing and will be representative of the Model D too, as it shares the same body and lens, accordingly some of those images are repeated here, but not those using the yellow filter as the model D does not have that feature. All are shown full frame with no cropping.

At left are the fireworks ushering in the new year of 2020, taken across the Mekong River in Ho Chi Minh City. A wild guess as to where the fireworks would be, followed by an equally wild guess at the exposure, a little more to the right may have worked better.

Cyclists, Vietnam Close up lens, VN

Two, albeit slow, moving targets in Vietnam, January 2020. This is fair enough, a small blur on the front wheel betrays the slow shutter speed whilst the flare between the trees is fairly typical of these cameras. It's made a half decent record for posterity, which was all that it was required to do.

The right hand image was made using the portrait lens.

New Dress, HCMC Recording the new dress in the shaded courtyard, HCMC 2020.
Percherska distric, Kyiv Film 2 was exposed around Kyiv in Ukraine. This image was taken just after a snow flurry had blown through and the sun was just coming out. getting a level horizon with a tiny waist level finder is always a challenge. A couple of obnoxious lumps of dust have found their way onto the negative too.
Motherland Museum, Kyiv War Memorial, Kyiv The Motherland statue in Kyiv towering above the The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The former is my least favourite of the old soviet era statues, "Old Boggle Eyes" is my personal name for the poor lady, stood there with her funny eyes, stretched neck and silly little truncated sword. Conversely the latter is amongst the best exhibiting a fluidity and dynamism unequalled by any I have seen.
Baikove Cemetery The chapel in the grounds of Baikove Cemetery during permitted exercise during the Covid19 lock down.
Spring blossom in Percherska

Spring blossoms onto an otherwise wretched year with face mask in evidence using the close focus lens.

So these primitive box cameras achieve what was asked of them, produce family snapshots reliably.


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