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KMZ (Krasnogorsk), FT-2, 35mm Panoramic camera. Photograph gallery.
The previous owner supplied this image taken around 1972 in Wales. It shows the characteristic vertical banding caused by uneven shutter travel, common in the FT-2. This is generally caused by the helical speed governors employed becoming dirty. The FT-2 received a deep clean on arrival, no major issues were discovered - so this image will serve as a useful benchmark.

Panoramic image with FT2

The first outing with the FT-2 was to determine if the shutter was producing a bandless result, this seems to be the case, but the focus seems a little off, even though the text on the sign can be read on the original. More serious is the streak of light just above the street. Probably an internal reflection, but yet to be diagnosed. This is the abandoned village of Tyneham in Dorset. The inhabitants were moved out in WW2 by the army, so that it could be used for combat training. This image supplies the sample to compare with Test 2.

This is       the abandoned village of Tyneham in Dorset

A short walk from Tyneham is the Dorset Coast, this walker obligingly stopped to take in the view to add a little interest to the shot. Shutter is consistent once it gets going, but there is a dark edge towards the end of the travel - I suspect this is view cropping, as peering through the camera it is possible to see the side from the rear before the shutter closes off. This shot was assisted with a hastily made yellow gel that followed the contour of the swing, and may well have contributed to the apparent lens softness.

A short walk from Tyneham is the Dorset Coast

Again with the yellow gel to help highlight the clouds, the stray light can be seen clearly at the left just above the fence post.

Panoramic image with FT2

The gel was removed for this, as by now it was contaminated with spray and dust. The clear blue sky would punish any uneven scanning of the shutter, so that- at least, gets a clean bill of health. The stray light is again visible at top left, presently I think this is a reflection coming through the lens and bouncing inside the guide box.

Panoramic image with FT2

Three images taken in Kyrgyzstan, during April 2013.

Kyrgz Yurts

Broken Heart Gorge, kyrgyzstan

Buran Tower, Kyrgyzstan

This last image was done at 1/50th, to see how it coped with moving objects, a tripod wasn't convenient so it was hand held. I like this camera, it's a challenge to use and has heaps of character. 12 printable results were obtained from the first roll, if I discount the reflections, there is plenty of room to improve yet and learn to compose this unusual format. I'm curious to know how a panning shot would look.

Panoramic image with FT2

sample image for FT-2

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