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Hunter 35, results gallery
Stone Globe, Duriston Castle There's nothing exceptional about the way the Hunter and it's stable mates are built and this is quite literally reflected in the results. A number of internal reflections produce lighter edges and general haziness across the image. The focus was given a helping hand with a period rangefinder and the image "burned in" top and bottom to make it more presentable. This 40 ton Portland stone globe dates from 1887 and makes for interesting viewing at Duriston Castle in Dorset, UK
St Cross, Winchester St. Cross, Winchester, UK. The slightly elongated format of these images is due to the film running low and part of the image being over the sprocket holes. Being under the shade of the tree has stopped the obnoxious reflections though. The lens was fairly bright and produced nice negatives when everything was in its favour, pointing down sun. The self energizing shutter has a little harsh break off, but no meaningful camera shake resulted, and I was favouring 1/50th sec. for the shutter speed to keep the aperture small for most shots.
Netley Abbey Wilton Windmill Salisbury Cathedral At far left are the ruins of Netley Abbey in Hampshire, UK, there is some noticeable lightening of the left edge, but it's made a decent enough record. Some clouds would have been nice, but unusually for the UK you might think, few have shown up in the south of England in 2022, when this image was made in July. I also took the Hunter to Wilton Windmill in Wiltshire and made this image through a gap in the hedge, performing some mad gymnastics and holding the Hunter out at arms length. the resulting horizon was far from level and so the image has been fairly heavily cropped to straighten things up. All things considered, it's good enough. After that I dropped by one of my favourite views of Salisbury Cathedral to take this view. I return here from time to time, as I'm convinced there's a decent image to be had if the clouds and sky are right, but not yet managed to get one I really like. The camera's pressure plate did make marks on the back of the film and they are just about visible in this image. If the image was worth the trouble I could polish them out.
Storm Tree

My favourite image from the roll. I waited patiently for the clouds to move over as the sun was low on the western horizon and I placed a dark pink gel sample over the lens to get the mood. I have a book of photographic gel samples and just hold them in place on occasion, although it was fairly breezy this day and refused to keep still. This is how the negative prints naturally, apart from a little cropping to avoid a distracting lumps of foliage in the bottom right corner.

The Hunter gave me 35 images from this roll, although I've only chosen six here. The lens resolution is a little lacking but even so the camera will spit out the occasional pleasing image with a bit of practice.

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