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Haking, Halina AI, 120 roll film TLR camera. Photograph gallery.

Marion's wonderful ceramics

Generally the Halina's lens is a bit on the soft side, especially when opened up to f/3,5 as here. The viewfinder is rather dull and difficult to see, but the magnifier improves things significantly. Twin lens reflex cameras are usually associated with quality instruments, the Halina A1 doesn't really fit this description, but I like it all the same.

My neighbour, Marion, is a talented sculptor, this is one of her delightful creations in her garden. I wonder what this lady is thinking, I imagine her to be watching her little girl riding her bicycle with the stabilizers removed for the first time, but maybe you see something else.

Marion's wonderful ceramics

The Halina captures another of Marion's wonderful ceramics, one of three chickens pecking away in the garden borders, each unique and real enough to make you look twice. Amongst these are giant snails, a huge fantasy tree fellow and an impossibly cute armadillo, oh and I shouldn't forget the moon frogs!

Below are the disused clay pits at Bursledon brickworks and a 60 year old PA17 Vagabond undergoes maintenance at Popham.

Flooded quarries

60 year         old PA17 Vagabond
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