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Halina 35X Super, Sample images - 1959 Humber Hawk

1959 Humber Hawk

This 1959 Humber Hawk was recorded for posterity with the Halina in 1969, in the borough of Hornsey, North London. There looks to be a bit of telltale bulging in the sills and rear passenger door skin - so the Halina has probably outlived the Humber.

Skulking in the background is a Ford Zephyr.

Photographically, the Halina has created quite a soft image, largely due to the combination of slow speed and wide aperture. Apparent is the vignetting into the corners of the picture, but it's recorded a scene, which was pretty much all it was expected to do.

Connaught Water in 1966

Connaught Water, Epping Forest in 1966. The vignetting here is very apparent, the Halina's circle of illumination is barely large enough to cover the 35mm negative. Let's be charitable and argue that it serves to concentrate the eye in the centre of the frame. I wonder what these two ladies are doing now? I suspect the canoe is probably sitting on the bottom of Connaught water judging by its "patina"...

Both images were supplied by the Halina's original owner.

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