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Fujica, Automagic 35, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1958

The Fujica Automagic is an early generation automatic exposure camera. It has a single speed shutter with the aperture controlled by a variable eyelid arrangement, effectively two leaves attached to the arms of a voltmeter, measuring the current delivered from the selenium cell mounted beneath the lens. A needle is visible in the viewfinder, but this serves no function, other than telling the user if the aperture has moved out of the parked position, a useful feature, as the mechanism is quite lazy. Film speed compensation is achieved simply by partially blanking the cell off as the selected film speed decreases. The arrangement works, though is less than crisp in operation. Construction is injection moulded plastic around which is wrapped a die cast metal body, finished in dark grey enamel. Semi matt chrome plate front and leather effect plastic trim complete the cosmetics. There is a flash synch, cable release provision and a frame counter, that does not reset automatically. Effectively a point and press camera, it does at least allow the user to focus the image with the scale focus, but apart from that, you are left with what you are given.

Donated March 2009, by Mr. J. Hallum.

Fujica, Automagic 35, 35mm view camera, c1958

Shutter, single speed.
Lens, Fujinar-K, 3.8cm f/3.4.
Condition, 5F

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