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Foth Derby, 127 roll film folding camera, results gallery

The Foth Derby was taken to Kyrgyzstan in April 2013, this is one of the old Russian era streets bathed in dappled sunnlight, in the capital city, Bishkek.

A short drive, North of the city is a range of mountains, where the two images below were taken, the left shows meltwater flowing down from the distant mountain, whilst the right hand image shows the traditional Yurt dwellings used by the herdsmen.

the Foth Derby is actually very nice to use, the shutter release is light and the camera is easy to keep still once you get used to the front shutter release. It doesn't make full use of the width of the film and the frame spacing is quite generous. As the derby only produces a 35mm sized negative, from a vintage camera perspective there are many less mechanically complicated cameras that produce a similar sized image on easily available 35mm film. So the Foth Derby isn't a frequent user.

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