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Finetta-Werk (Saraber/Goslar) Finetta IV D, 35mm Camera, c1950

The Finetta IV is attractively styled camera based on an bakelite chassis, a product of the short lived West German Finetta -Werk company based in Goslar. The back is a pressed assembly from thin steel metal and locks from the bottom, counterclockwise, forming both the back, sides and the base. The top housing is a satin chromed metal pressing. This model has a fairly basic two blade shutter adjustable from B to 100th sec, with flash synchronisation at all speeds, via a non standard socket mounted to the side of the shutter apeed dial. The camera is a little unusual in that it has a 26mm screw fit interchangeable lens, the standard as well as a f/6.3, 70mm Colorfinar, shown in the picture. This example was donated in January 2010, requiring a deep clean and removal of dried grease from the shutter mechanism, but now works perfectly.

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Finetta-Werk (Saraber/Goslar) Finetta IV D, 35mm Camera,       c1950
Body No.039246
Shutter, Finetta-Werk, speeds B, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Finetar, 45mm f/2.8
Condition, 6F
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