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FED 3, 35mm Rangefinder Camera, Image Gallery

Test Image Fed 3

Given this FED 3s dismantling and long journey to the collection, the first test film was a joy. In use the FED 3 shows considerable refinement from earlier models. The film advance is incredibly light and silky smooth whilst the shutter release is similarly made. These alone make this FED 3 a delight to use. The first film is just to make sure the functions are about right. The second curtain is runnng slightly slow possibly, but the rangefinder is spot on and lens is clear and crisp. It's often claimed that Russian lenses are excellent and it would be hard to level any crticism at this FED lens, at f8 the sharpness of the lens was impressive, out-resolving the scanner by a long way. The individual locking wire strands on the Yakalov propellor below left are beautifully resolved on the original - and it's already cropped.
Yak Aeroplane propellor Autumn Oak

AN2 Throttle Quadrant

The throttle and engine control quadrant of this Antonov AN-2 bi-plane seemed an appropriate subject for this old Soviet camera, a little blue haze as the sunlight was reflecting off something into the lens. I like ths FED a lot, they are relatively cheap, so seek one out!


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