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Exakta Varex IIB (360° Rotational View only, see below for link to main page)
360 degree rotating image Ihagee Exakta Varex IIB, vintage camera - all round view at 10° intervals.

This Varex IIB body was clearly bought on a budget as it was saddled with a Meyer Optik Domiplan and the viewing hood. For this 360 view the vewing hood has been shown with the direct view hood opened and the magnifier is visible in this image too.

You can compare it with our Varex IIA, which was fitted with one of the Zeiss Jena lens options, as well as the prism finder.

Start the image spinning by putting your cursor over the "Spin" side of the image, you can pause the animation in any position by touching the "Pause" side.



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Cover AW



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