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Ensign Commando. Photograph gallery.
Coventry Eagle cycle being forded at North Stoneham

The Ensign Commando is straightforward in use, the rangefinder accurate and the lens sharp. This was exposed at 100th second to ensure the movement was maintained. Besides dismantling and rejuvenating old cameras, another favourite pastime is cycling. This is me taking the ford at North Stoneham, Hampshire in enthusiastic style during August 1987. This bicycle, a Coventry Eagle cycle, survived until 2010 by which time it had completed a whisker more than 88,000 miles.



Supermarine Spitfire VC

Some shots from the Commando reflecting its' military origins, were taken in August 2004 and depict some aeroplanes broadly contemporary with the Ensign Commando.

Firstly this Westland built Supermarine Spitfire V. The shorter nose of the earlier Spitfires was always more pleasing to my eye, and are relatively uncommon amongst the airworthy survivors. As is the three bladed propeller. This example is owned by the Shuttleworth Collection in Bedfordshire, UK. It has since been given a major rebuild to rid it of magnesium rivets and returned to clipped wing form.

Hawker Sea Hurricane

Also belonging to Shuttleworth is this Sea Hurricane, of a similar era to the Spitfire above, but a generation earlier in terms of design. The Commando has recorded this image sufficiently clearly to read the propeller details on the negative. These images were made in 4.5 x 6xm format.

Westland Lysander

Another of Shuttleworth's fine specimens is this Westland Lysander. Originally an Army Cooperation aircraft, it found fame with the SOE, taking agents in and out of occupied territory into short, poorly lit and hastily improvised airstrips.

Auster AOP9s

Really just taken to justify the "Commando" aspect, are these two Auster AOP 9s, from the mid 1950s. Long since retired from their army duties, these two are seen resting at Popham airfield.

Micheldever Village

Not far from Popham airfield is the pretty Hampshire village of Micheldever, where little has changed since the Ensign Commando came into being. Except maybe the white 'give way' markings on the road.

Rochester Castle

Definitely pre-dating the Ensign Commando is the Castle at Rochester, whose well preserved Norman Keep towers over the town to this day.

Rochester Alley

The view along a Rochester alleyway to the castle beyond.

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral from the water meadows. Fortunately no tall buildings have been permitted in Salisbury in the English county of Wiltshire, allowing this ancient structure to dominate the skyline for miles around, much as it has done for centuries.

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